Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Your website, Facebook, or Instagram profile is the first thing that your visitors interact with, so it is important to present it in the most appealing way possible. The design is a representation of your brand; it’s like your ID card. It is something you want to portray as classy, trendy, or premium.

Wizonbiz believes in the power of design to connect with our clients. We start from the root of the logo creation: brand message, corporate identity, graphics and videos, etc.

Graphic designers work on a wide range of projects. These project may including branding, advertising, packaging, editorial design, web design, and more. Here are services that you get under our graphic design project.

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Process of Graphic Design


Visual Identity and Branding

Graphic designs provide the visual identities for businesses, organizations, and brands. The visual includes logos, color palettes, typography, and brand guidelines.


Color Theory

Understanding color theory is essential for brand and brand creator. Colors can have significant impact on mood, perception, and communication. Our designer assist you on the colors as per your product and service demand.



Typography plays a crucial role in graphic design. It involves the selection, arrangement, and use of typefaces to enhance readability. Likewise, It aslo convey tone and personality and create visual hierarchy.


Layout and Composition

Layout and composition is the crucial both print and digital designs. These create visually appealing and well-organized designs. The major principles such as balance, alignment, proximity, and space gives appealing designs.


Software Skills

Graphic designers use various software tools and applications to create and manipulate visual elements. Popular graphic design software includes Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Sketch, among others.


Digital Design

Most of the audience spend their majority of time in phone. They scroll the content in the different channels such as Facebook, Instagram, more. This the main reason why design need to be digital to reach targets.



Illustrations can be hand-drawn, digital, or a combination of both. While illustration is a separate discipline, many graphic designers incorporate illustrations into their designs to complement or enhance the visual message.


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